World Record attempt for 14 way swim at Lake Windermere

Jul 30, 2014 | Amazing, Motivation, News

Lisa Auchinvole, owner of tfd, joins World Record attempt for 14 way swim at Lake Windermere & supports local ‘Making it 4 Maisie campaign’

6 open water swimmers, covering a total of 150miles (240km), in cold open water with NO WETSUITS ALLOWED!

The swim is expected to take approximately 90 hours (3 ¾ days) with each person swimming 1hr at a time in water around 16 degrees. Each swimmer will cover approx 25 miles each which is 1 mile off the point to point distance for the English Channel. The rules set by the British Open Water Swimming Association are that swimmers must wear a standard swimming costume, hat & goggles, no music or anything to assist with motivation or performance. All swimmers must remain on the boats throughout the entire swim, even when not swimming.

The swim is a world record breaking attempt for the longest cold water lake swim and a representative from the Guinness World Records along with the BBC will be present. The carefully selected international team of swimmers have been brought together by Julie Bradshaw, who has many open water swims under her belt including swimming the English Channel doing butterfly all the way! The team are from USA, Australia and UK and are keen to make a difference for their individual causes whilst also remembering a brave lady, Susan Taylor, who sadly lost her life during her channel swim attempt in July 2013. In 2011, Lisa’s attempt to swim the English Channel solo was aborted after 15 hours and only 3 miles from the French coast. Lisa encountered jelly fish stings, fog and changes to the weather that both her and her support team will never forget!

At 6am on Monday 11th August the swim will commence and the amazing support team, which includes Roly Crook of RJC Construction and Jackie Stanley, will be on hand to make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.

The challenge that faces Lisa is nothing compared to those thrown at Maisie Norton and her family since her first diagnosis in 2009. The incredible strength and positive attitude the family demonstrate has touched everyone who knows them and more. Lisa wants to help raise funds with this swim to give Maisie and her amazing family more choices during this difficult time.

If you can give anything to help the ‘Making it 4 Maisie’ campaign please donate by clicking the ‘donate’ button below or go directly to and donate there.