If you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch as we’d love to help

Give us a call on 01235 772995 or email: info@tfdgym.co.uk

How do I choose the right membership for me?
We have many different types of membership. The choice is down to you and you need to decide how long you want to commit to. You will pay a lower price for your membership if you commit to a longer period of time. Membership periods vary from 1 month to 5 years.  Our 12 month option for a single person can be paid monthly by setting up a direct debit, however it’s important to remember that you will be tied into completing this purchase by making a minimum of 12 payments. After the initial 12 months, your payments will automatically continue until you ask us to end your membership.

We also offer shorter memberships for students who may wish to use the club whilst they are home from college or university. Please contact us for specific pricing for short term student memberships.

If you’d like to see our membership and pricing options, please click on this link.

How old do I have to be to join tfd?

You must be at least 16 years old to be a member of tfd. If you are under 18 years old, you won’t be able to open a direct debit account, so will need to pay in full for your membership, or arrange for someone over 18 to pay on your behalf. This is normally a parent or guardian and they must agree to the terms of the club as your 3rd party payer.

What do I pay when I join online?

If you are setting up a monthly direct debit to pay for your membership, your first month’s fee for your chosen membership, as well as your Joining Fee will be paid when you join.

If you select a membership which you are paying for in full, you will be directed to make this card payment online and the card payment is handled by Global Payments.

How soon can I start my membership?
Once you have bought a membership, you can start using it straight away. If you are new to tfd, we will need to take you through an Induction first, so please get in touch to arrange a convenient time for this. We can usually offer you an Induction within a couple of days.
What is an Induction and do I have to do it?
The tfd Induction is a very important element of the joining process. We need to make sure that you are safe whilst you are here. A member of our team will therefore show you where everything is, including the fire exits and explain some gym user etiquette to you.  We will also show you some of the gym machines and make sure you are happy and confident in their usage. Please inform a member of the team if you want a more in depth explanation of the gym equipment.

Your Induction will also include completion of the membership application form, health questionnaire, any outstanding payments, entry photo and detailed explanation of how to use our Fitsense app.

What does my membership include?
Membership at tfd is fully inclusive of the following:

  • All gym equipment
  • All classes
  • Pool
  • Sauna, Steam room & changing facilities
  • A personalised gym programme written for you & regular reviews of your goals and achievements

60+ membership includes all of the above, within the hours of 06.00 – 16.00 weekdays and 08.00-16.00 at weekends.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a guest in with you.

On arrival, we will request payment of the guest fee of £12.50 per guest.

If it’s their first visit, we will ask your guest to complete a health questionnaire.

Please note that you must stay on site whilst your guest is here and are fully responsible for ensuring that your guest follows all our safety procedures and etiquette rules.

What health & safety rules do I need to follow?

To ensure we safe guard everyone, we would ask that the following procedures are followed

  • Hand sanitiser is provided around the club and we continue to encourage it’s use.
  • Sanitiser spray and cloths are available for you to clean your equipment before and after use if you wish. Please spray the cloth provided with the sanitiser spray and wipe your equipment.
  • Respect other people and keep a safe distance.
  • Report any faulty equipment to a member of staff.
  • Complete the tfd Induction if you are a new member or refresher Induction if you haven’t been for a while.
How do I change my bank details or payment date?
If you need to change the bank account which your direct debit comes from, please email us at info@tfdgym.co.uk. We will just need the new bank account number and sort code and we will do all the rest. To change the date of your direct debit, please email your request as above and we will let you know if there is any further action you need to take.
How do I change from a single to a joint or a 3 month to a 12 month membership?
If there is anything you want to change with regards to your membership, please email your request to us and we will get back to you.
How do I cancel my membership?
Please email or write to us and we will acknowledge your request the same day or the next working day. Memberships can only be cancelled outside of the initial contracted period ie 12 month memberships must be completed before cancellation can be requested.

One full month’s notice must be given when cancelling a monthly paid membership. This notice period will run from the next payment due.

Please be assured that once we have received your request we will act promptly to end your membership for you. Please do not cancel your direct debit yourself, as this will generate a default letter and further cost to you. Please take care to use our correct email address as we cannot be held responsible for requests which are not received. If you do not receive a reply from us within one week, we would advise you to follow it up.

How do I book or cancel my classes?

As a tfd member, you can book yourself into classes 7 days in advance. You can do this on your mobile device via our FitSense app, online, at reception, by phone or email.

As a non member you are welcome to attend as many classes as you like. You can book and pay as a guest on our Fitsense app. See our “classes” page for full instructions. Alternatively you can call us on 01235 772995 or email info@tfdgym.co.uk 2 days in advance to book your place. Classes are £10.00 each and this is paid on arrival at the club.

Members and non members please note: We ask that you cancel any class you have booked but cannot attend. Our classes are very popular and we run waiting lists for all of them. If you miss your class or give us less than 2 hours’ notice of cancellation, we make a charge of £10.00 per class.

Do I need to bring anything with me for classes?
We have all the equipment you will need for your class. You are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer, but it’s not essential as we have plenty.
What should I wear in the gym or class?
The best clothing for doing exercise in is something stretchy and comfortable. T shirts, vests and leggings or shorts are the most normal attire. We do ask that you don’t wear anything with a slogan on, which could be regarded as offensive to some people. We also ask that you wear clean training shoes or gym shoes. Although Pilates and Yoga may be done in bare feet, we don’t allow bare feet or flip flops in the gym.
Do you have lockers for my personal possessions?
Yes, we have plenty of lockers. These take a trolley token or pound coin to operate.

Lockers are for your use whilst you are in the club and you will have a key to carry with you. Please make sure you clear your locker before leaving, as all lockers will be opened and personal items will be removed at the end of each day.

I’m new to classes – will this matter?
We have new members joining all the time and so our class instructors are fully aware that there may be people with different levels of fitness and ability. It’s a good idea to mention that you are new to class at the start, so that your instructor can give you some extra tips and advice if appropriate.

If you are nervous about trying a new class, please let us know. We can always arrange for you to observe a class first, before you decide if it’s for you.

Can non members use tfd hair studio?

tfd hair studio is open to everyone, including children and non tfd members.

Does tfd have a sunbed?
Yes, we have a vertical tanning unit.

Members and non members over the age of 18 can use our sunbed. You don’t need to book an appointment, simply purchase tokens at reception. First time users will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and id will be requested if we think you look under 18.

tfd staff are trained to advise on basic sunbed usage and our advice should be followed. The maximum time in one sunbed visit we allow is 9 minutes.

Does tfd have a pool?
We have an Endless Pool which can accommodate up to two people at a time. The pumps generate an adjustable flow that you swim against at your own pace.

It’s advisable to book a time if you want to use the pool and it can be used by members or by non members who are visiting as a guest, with a member. The pool can be booked online by members.

The pool is situated adjacent to the ladies changing room. Men are requested to wear a t shirt and footwear to walk from the men’s changing room to the pool.

Where can I park when I visit tfd?
We are lucky to have plenty of free parking right on our doorstep. Our allocated parking can be found situated directly outside our front door, along Downsview Road to the East of the club, or by driving to the far end of the building and taking the first left, so using the car park to the North of the club. You can then take the path down the side of the club, to the entrance.
Any other queries can be emailed directly to the team at info@tfdgym.co.uk and we will aim to reply the same day or next working day.
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