Membership Terms & Conditions


Club Membership terms and conditions. tfd health & fitness, Grove, Wantage.

  1. Paladin Leisure Ltd. t/a The First Drop (TFD), offers initial membership contracts of one, three, six, twelve & twenty four month duration. New members have the option of paying fees in full from the outset, or in the case of one and twelve month’s membership, a service agreement paid by direct debit is also available. An administration fee is payable for this facility.
  2. Debit Finance Collections plc and Clubwise are employed to collect membership fees for and on behalf of Paladin Leisure Ltd. t/a The First Drop (TFD), via a direct debit arrangement. The terms of these service agreements mean that should there be default of payment, we may enforce the agreement through the County Court. You will also be liable for charges shown on the service agreement and these form part of your contract with us.
  3. The joining fee and the membership fee are non-refundable. Neither the joining fee or your membership are transferable to another person.
  4. Paladin Leisure Ltd. will undertake to notify members of any variation of these terms and conditions. A copy of the current terms and conditions of membership is available at the reception desk upon request.
  5. When purchasing 60+ membership, use of the facilities will be allowed 7 days a week, up to 4pm.
  6. All members must allow their photo to be taken for entry recognition and will be issued with a membership card, which must be made available to TFD staff upon request, when entering or using club facilities.
  7. The TFD club induction is a mandatory condition of club membership, and must be undertaken irrespective of a member’s prior experience or training.
  8. All memberships are for the minimum term of that purchased. When paying by direct debit for an annual membership a minimum of 12 monthly instalments must be made. Once the minimum term is complete, the monthly subscription will continue to be collected, until written notice to cancel is received.
  9. Cancellation of membership can be given at any time after the minimum term purchased. Cancellation of all memberships will only be accepted in writing to the club. When payment is made by direct debit, one full month’s fee must be paid after notice of cancellation has been received in writing by the club.
  10. Pausing of membership will be considered at the club’s discretion and only by reason of illness/injury with a Doctor’s certificate. A valid request must be received by the club giving 30 days written notice prior to the requested pause start date. Requests to pause membership retrospectively will not be accepted under any circumstances. Memberships cannot be paused for any period under one calendar month or for longer than 3 calendar months. The club has the right to charge an administration fee to pause a membership and to extend the length of any commitment period by the length of time paused.
  11. All members must complete the tfd health questionnaire, in which you consent to seek guidance from your GP, should we believe that you have cause to do so. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, we follow strict procedures to keep your information secure, and no information will be divulged to a third party without your explicit consent.
  12. Acceptance for membership in no way implies that we have assessed your medical fitness to use the club’s facilities. You are strongly advised to check with your GP that you are medically fit to undertake a specific training regime.
  13. We advise members not to bring valuables to the club and to use lockers provided at all times for items of personal property.
  14. We are advised that you should not use the club’s facilities whilst under the influence of drugs, alcohol, anti-coagulants, anti-histamines, vasoconstrictors, narcotics or tranquillisers. Members with diabetes, heart disease and high/low blood pressure must consult their GP before undertaking any activity. The cited list of medical conditions and drugs is not exhaustive, and members on medication or with any medical condition must confirm their suitability for training, with their GP, prior to embarking upon any activity.
  15. Paladin Leisure Ltd., it’s employees and agents will not be liable for loss or damage to property howsoever caused, nor will it be liable for death or injury solely attributable to the negligence of the company.
  16. The use of any equipment or facilities within the club is entirely at your own risk. Paladin Leisure Ltd. will not be responsible for harm incurred by a member who has elected to undertake a strenuous activity for which he/she is unsuitable.
  17. Membership may be withdrawn at the sole discretion of TFD management. If a member engages in unreasonable behaviour likely to offend or harm other members, or if wilful misuse of the clubs facilities take place.
  18. No smoking is permitted in any area of the club, at any time.
  19. All members agree to grant permission for club staff to contact them by the preferred means, if necessary.
  20. Approximately one month prior to the end of their term, a membership renewal notice will be issued to those paying in full at the start of their membership. The membership renewal fee or a new direct debit agreement must be received prior to the renewal date to avoid payment of a further joining fee.
  21. By signing the membership application form, members enter a legal agreement and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the club.