With the potential to burn 500 calories in a 45 min class, spin is a great way to kick start your metabolism and give yourself a good lower body workout. Combine this with toning your core muscles giving you a tighter waist and flatter stomach; you really can’t afford to even contemplate cancelling that spin class you’re booked into!

Spin gives you a real feel good buzz after each workout and improves your mental focus for the rest of your day. So say goodbye to stress and pedal away to not only work your cardiovascular system but to improve your mind set and working effectiveness.

As cycling is a non weight bearing exercise, spin is an ideal way to reduce the risk of injury while still burning lots of calories. Keep yourself challenged by aiming to spin faster, longer or harder each session and watch your fitness soar!

See our timetable for a variety of spin classes every day including 30mins, 45mins and Vibe Cycle.