The team kept busy throughout lockdown furthering their knowledge and expertise to give you the best experience possible with your workouts, nutrition & wellness. 

Anthea completed her Level 3 Personal Training qualification and is raring to go with ideas and motivation to get you achieving the best results possible. You can get a taster of her ideas in her new Bootcamp classes! 

Tabby qualified as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and will be bringing dance classes such as Hip Hop Cardio and Club Fit Cardio to the schedule. Her experience as a professional dancer alongside this qualification means you’re in safe hands with her classes and plenty of fun will be had as some of you have already seen via her zoom classes. 

Steffi took the opportunity to complete her Yoga Diploma to increase her knowledge in this area and aid with core, flexibility & stretching ideas for sessions. She also studied a course in Exercise & Mental Health as it plays an important role in overall wellness in health & fitness today.  

Jo has been studying for her Level 3 Exercise Referral qualification to work alongside her work at tfd therapy and getting individuals back to fitness. She also has completed her Fundamentals of Kinesiology Taping and Taping & Strapping for Sports to work alongside her Sports Massage. 

Lisa completed a Wellness & Nutrition Masterclass to keep up to date with the latest information and guidance. Both areas are key in getting the results you are after and it all links together with your health & fitness goals. 

We are so pleased to welcome you all back and put our new knowledge to good use!