Dry Cupping is a form of manual therapy whereby the cups are placed over several areas of soft tissue to create a vacuum (negative pressure) which lifts the tissue and creates an upward stretch within the muscle and associated fascia. This vacuum lift helps to increase blood flow and generates a stretch effect, which results in a reduction in muscle tension and associated pain.

During Dry Cupping therapy, cups can be used in different ways. They can be placed and left in a static position, or they can be used dynamically to provide a deep tissue massage effect. Both methods of cupping therapy complement other therapy techniques such as Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, Soft Tissue Therapy and Dry Needling.

Benefits of dry cupping include:

•Cupping helps to increase the blood flow to sore areas in muscles. 

•It provides necessary nutrients to the area being treated and promotes healing.

•Cupping can provide pain relief and help ease the symptoms of many common disorders of the bones and muscles. It does this by exciting small nerves inside muscles so that they release pain-killing chemicals.

•Cupping Therapy help to reduce muscular restrictions, scars and adhesions, to decrease swelling and increase range of motion. 

Many athletes, including gymnasts, swimmers and boxers use dry cupping to relieve tension in their muscles and help their body heal faster. You may have spotted distinctive small, circular bruises on athletes taking part in the Commonwealth or Olympic games. These are the areas where the cups have been applied and is usually painless. These cupping marks on the skin are due to broken blood vessels just beneath the surface, like a bruise.

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