A TRX is one of the black and yellow straps you will see hanging in our zones upstairs. TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It’s a great piece of kit that you can work your full body just using your bodyweight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core, and joint stability.

A TRX row is one of the most popular exercises you will see the straps being used for. Focusing on upper back, shoulders, biceps, and core.

How to do it:

  1. Grasp the handles, one per hand, step back away from the point of where the TRX is anchored until your arms are forming a straight line.
  2. Position your feet hip distance apart. Engage your core and start leaning back, weight in your heels until your arms are keeping you from falling backward. Your body should look like an upright plank position. Keep your shoulders back and core engaged to prevent any sagging of the hips. Your body should be angled somewhere between 30 and 60 degrees with the floor, and this is now your starting position.
  3. There are different variations of which way your palms face but generally palms facing down or facing each other.
  4. Use the muscles in your upper back, arms, and shoulders to pull your chest and torso up towards the handles of the TRX, bending you elbows as you pull yourself up. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Keep pulling until your chest is even with your hand. The straps should still be under tension at the top of the movement.
  5. Hold the position at the top for a second then slowly lower yourself back to that starting position. Keep the movement nice and controlled the whole time and not letting your body drop down, as well as your shoulders back and core engaged throughout.
  6. Completing your set of repetitions, you then walk your feet back until you’re standing upright. You can adjust the angle of your body to make this exercise easier or harder by walking your feet further forward to make it more difficult or back to make it a bit easier.

Common mistakes:

  • Not engaging your core
  • Allowing your shoulders to slump
  • Too quick on the lowering phase of the row

The TRX row is just one of many exercises you can do on the TRX straps, speak to a member of the team to show you just how versatile this piece of kit is!