On Sunday 13th October tfd transformed into a tranquil space for an evening of restorative yoga and mindfulness led by our resident yoga instructor Julie and Tai Chi Qi Gong master Tony for our newest event Total Immersion.

The evening consisted of splitting into two groups and spending an hour in each class. Tony’s Tai Chi was focusing on combining slow movements, breathing exercises and meditation. Attendees learned a variety of postures that flowed together in constant motion using ‘Chi’, which is the life energy that flows through the body’s energy pathways.

Julie’s Restorative Yoga took place in a dimly lit studio filled with incense giving off all the relaxing vibes as soon as you stepped foot inside. This session’s focus was on opening up the body through long holds of stretching, allowing the muscles to relax, whilst focusing on deep breathing to enter full relaxation mode.

The group came together for a break for tea from our wide range of different teas on offer, where everyone could chat and compare their experiences. This was then followed by the entire group coming back together for a final guided meditation lead by Julie to finish off the evening. Breathing techniques were one of the main focuses and Julie encouraged attendees to relax their minds as well as their bodies through inhalation and exhalation.

We would like to thank Julie and Tony for leading this beautiful evening and also everyone who supported this new event – one that will certainly be returning to tfd!

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