Group Running is suitable for all tfd members who can run 5km (in 45mins or less) and would like to run as part of a group. Members will meet at tfd on Tuesdays at 6.15pm to discuss the route and set off at 6.30pm. The runs will be led by Alex who will create an interesting route each week and this route will have variations to suit and challenge everyone. The aim of group running is so that you will always be running with someone.

Once a month there will be an optional technical session with Chris focusing on either speed, hills or intervals which may be at a different location. There will still be a normal running route provided by Alex for those not wishing to take part in technical sessions.



Starting on Tuesday 1st October we will be holding a 10 week “learn to run course” for those wishing to start out running. This is aimed at people wanting to build up running from 0-5km. These sessions will take place meeting at tfd 6.15pm on Tuesdays to get the session explained with a 6.30pm start. You will be coached by Paul who will take you through each session and also provide weekly homework for those wanting to get some extra runs in!


Please wear bright/reflective clothing and running lights for all running classes.

Join the ‘tfd group running’ Facebook group for more information and the weekly route, alternatively you can email info@tfdgym.co.uk or ask at reception for more information.

Members can book these classes via the FitSense app or at reception 7 days in advance. Non-members can book 2 days in advance at £8.40 per class.