Do you need a new way to stay motivated & focused on your goal? Take the first step today

Jan 25, 2018 | Health, Motivation, News


New Year, New You.  Take the first step today…

2018 has well and truly arrived and for many of us that means setting new resolutions and goals, which in the past, have not always been successful.

Let’s make this year different by looking at setting realistic goals that are small and totally doable so you don’t feel so overwhelmed.  A few small goals reached will mean you are closer to achieving your bigger long term goals.  It’s just a case of breaking them down and being more specific.  Set your expectations high enough but not too high that you can’t reach them.  If it all seems to much or too big to deal with you’ll struggle to get off the starting block.

Start by writing one of your goals down, then break that down in to 5 smaller goals/tasks.  Stick your 5 smaller goals around the house, on the fridge, back of your front or bathroom door to help remind you & keep you on track and focused.

Be kind to yourself and help make them actually happen by pushing these goals/tasks higher up on your list of priorities .

Having a little push in the right direction is always helpful and you could do this by finding yourself a gym buddy to meet and train with at the gym.  Alternatively, tfd members can book in to see one of our trainers to help set some goals and provide you with a new training programme and suggestions for classes you could attend. Booking in for regular catch ups with your trainer may also help keep you going!

Staying motivated is easier when you surround yourself with like minded positive people…so, what’s your first step?


Hannah Norton – Level 2 Fitness Instructor & Membership Advisor at tfd