What does Sports Massage therapy do?

A massage therapist is trained to be able to identify tight areas in the body and locate trigger point areas, also known as knots. Using compression through a variety of techniques they will then work on these areas to release the tension. Sports Massage is generally aimed at treating areas that commonly need attention within the gym and sporting environment.

What is a muscle “knot”?

Chronic stress on our muscles will cause tiny little tears in the muscle fibres which can then attach to each other, causing a lumpy feeling which we call a knot. This knot is also known as a “myofascial trigger point” which can cause pain, especially directly to the touch but sometimes in a referred area. These muscle knots have reduced blood flow and circulation which results in toxins such as lactic acid and metabolic by-products building up in these areas.

How does massage work to get rid of the knots?

Massage works to release a trigger point by using compression techniques to push fresh blood in and flush extra metabolic waste material and toxins out. This will increase the blood flow and circulation to these areas and break up the muscle fibres that have become attached to one another, allowing the muscles to return to their normal state.

What causes a muscle knot?

Muscle knots can occur either from a lot of use and repetitive movements (for example in training or playing sports), lack of movement (such as sitting at a computer/desk all day), stress, injury/trauma, or dehydration.

One of the most common areas of the body for these knots are in the trapezius muscle which is a large triangular shaped muscle across your back, the main reason for this poor posture and stress.

Why do muscle knots hurt differently?

These trigger points can come under two categories, “active” and “latent/dormant”. Active trigger points will cause a feeling of intense pain, whereas latent/dormant ones will only hurt when you press on them, and the pain is more likely to be a dull and aching sensation.

These knots can also cause referred pain meaning a knot in one muscle could be the reason for pain in another part of your body that could seem to be unrelated. For example knots around the neck area can cause a tension headache.

What effect does massage have on me and my body?

Massages release feel-good endorphins into the body and causes the brain to release oxytocin which is a natural chemical to reduce pain. It is perfectly normal to feel sore after a massage as muscles can be stimulated that are not often used which could result in delayed onset muscle soreness aka DOMS. DOMS is a physical response to the inflammation as your body heals.

How can I book a massage?

We offer Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy here at TFD Therapy by our therapists Jo and Josh. Ask at reception or email therapy@tfdgym.co.uk for more information or to book in.