The spider curl is an effective method to train the biceps and can be a more interesting way to train biceps than the standard curl. It focuses on keeping the muscle under tension at full contraction of the bicep.

How to:

1. First of all, set up your adjustable bench to around a 45-degree angle.

2. Next, get an EZ bar (zigzag shaped bar) and add an appropriate amount of weight to either side, then clip them on.

3. Place the weight underneath the upper end of the bench.

4. Lie with your chest against the bench and pick up the bar.

5. Whilst keeping your elbows still curl the bar towards your chin.

6. Slowly let the bar fall back to its original position and repeat.

Top tips:

· Ensure your elbows remain still for maximal bicep isolation.

· Allow a large enough angle so the bar or weights don’t touch the floor at the bottom of the rep.

· Control the eccentric (downwards) phase of the movement to improve stability, muscle activation and injury risk mitigation.

· Place your chest near the top of the bench so the bar isn’t stopped by the bench.

· Full range of motion will allow for the greatest improvement of your biceps.


· Dumbbells can be used instead, this may be a little less stable but will also allow for the maximal range of motion.

· A straight bar can be used, however this can often be an unnatural/uncomfortable feeling on the wrists.

For further help with this exercise just ask one of the gym team!

Blog by Alex Boardman – Personal Trainer (Boardman Personal Training)