Have you tried our newly refurbished Sauna and Steam facilities yet?



Find out their differences and benefits below…



In the sauna, it is a dry heat which warms and relaxes muscles relieving tension in your body and helps to minimise joint pain. Those who suffer from arthritis, migraines and headaches would benefit from using it.

Saunas can also help to relieve stress, as the heat from the sauna helps to release endorphins, our feel good chemical. This helps to reduce the effects of stress and help you to relax to get a good sleep.



The steam room has 100% humidity and will help to open your airways up to improve breathing and get rid of congestion. The wet heat of the steam room helps to relieve the pressure and is particularly good for those with asthma and bronchitis and this will help with sinus relief.

Using a steam room can also increase your metabolism and aid with weight loss, as it causes you to sweat. Water makes up a large part of your body weight, so sweating can help you lose a few pounds, remove toxins and cleanse the body.



Members can enjoy our Sauna and Steam facilities at any time as part of their membership. Guests who come along with a member are able to use them when they come to use the gym at a cost of £10 per session.