The Roundhouse Kick is featured in our Cardio Combat classes!

In Cardio Combat we have several different kicks, inspired by various different Martial Arts. One of them is the powerful roundhouse kick, taken from the Korean Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do is flamboyant, agile, fast and precise. It is 90% feet and only 10% hands.

What is a Roundhouse Kick :-  

It’s a powerful kick using the whole body to strike a target using the top of your foot or your shin.

What does it work :-  

It works your core, legs, glutes and improves your stability and flexibility. 

A Roundhouse kick always starts with a great set up…

1 – Abs braced and feet wide (if your opponent is in front of you, then you would have one foot forward).

2 – Plant your back foot under your body.

3 – Set front arm out straight to help with balance.  

4 – Standing heel should be facing your target.

The strike….

5 – Lifting the front leg, bring heel to glute with toes pointed and shin parallel to floor.

6 – Strike with the top of your foot using a circular motion, then retract the heel back to your glute.

7 – Land front foot. 

8 – Repeat as necessary 🙂

Come along to our Cardio Combat classes with Carolyn on Mondays at 9.30am and Thursdays at 5.45pm! You will incorporate these kicks with more punch and strike combinations to work up a sweat whilst having fun and getting rid of any stresses!