During lockdown and being unable to attend the gym, you will have seen an increase in people working out from home and the popularity of different types of resistance bands dramatically increase.

This type of training is so effective, and you don’t need to be lifting heavy weights or squatting 100KG to have a solid workout. With these resistance bands you can work your entire body and can vary the weight of the bands as well as how you use them to keep your workout varied and fresh.



Resistance bands are a brilliant tool for your workouts and are so versatile that you can use them anywhere – in your house, a lamp post on your street (as you may have seen Blake doing during lockdown) or even take them on holiday as they take up no room at all. You can use resistance bands for all different types of training whether its muscle building, mobility, weight loss or toning so they are also a great addition to incorporate into your gym routine. There are so many benefits to resistance band workouts including helping to improve the quality of your movements and focusing on the control, in turn your core muscles will work more to keep you stabilised.

You can work every muscle group using these bands. See a few examples below as demonstrated by our very own king of resistance bands, Blake: lat pulldown, leg curl, tricep pushdown, leg extension and that’s only a few!




We have a BRAND NEW virtual Resistance Band class with Blake on Mondays at 7.15pm via FitSense so why not book on and give this a go at any time that suits you!

If you are interested to know how each different resistance band works, various exercises/workout ideas and how best to utilise them in your training then book an appointment with one of the team at reception or grab us in the gym and we will be more than happy to help.