Grab yourself two small hand weights for this Power Pilates workout!


Lateral lunge with rotation

Starting with legs wider than hip width apart and a nice flat back, ideally at 90˚ to the legs. With both arms stretched out at shoulder height and a weight in each hand, slowly begin to bend one knee and rotate the opposite hand up towards the sky. Then slowly untwist the spine straightening the legs back to the starting position before repeating on the opposite side.

20 twists (10 each side)

Single leg slow RDL

Find your balance on one leg, extending the other leg behind you just off the floor. Slowly lower the weight towards the floor extending the free leg out behind you. Try to keep a slightly soft but not bent knee and a strong core to minimize any wobbling. Slowly return to standing before starting again on the same leg.

8 reps on one side before swapping legs

Chair sit with heel raise

Standing tall with a weight in each hand slowly push your hips back as if sitting on a chair, as you raise your arms up over. Think about aiming for a long straight line from finger tips down to your hips. Then begin to raise your heels off the floor, maintain the squat position with your arms high. From here push through the toes to a standing position lowering the arms, then once standing, lower the heels to the floor with control.

Repeat 10 times


Half roll back with arm raise

From a seated position slowly engage your abdominals as you sit back into a C-shaped curve with the spine with the weights extended in front of you at shoulder height. Keeping the abdominals pulled in tight begin to lift and lower your arms slowly and controlled, aiming for as high as you can without having to move from the C-shaped curve position.

Lift and lower the arms 10 times

Single leg stretch

Lying flat on the floor, lift the knees to a 90˚ angle with shins parallel to the ceiling and raise the shoulders and head from the floor engaging the core. Hold the weights palm up slightly above shoulder height as you slowly begin to extend one leg out straight. Then as you bring this leg back in begin to extend the other one, so they are swapping continuously, keeping the core pulled in and arms extended.

Repeat 20 times (10 each leg)

Double leg stretch

From your lying position with legs bent at 90˚ and shins parallel to the ceiling, extend the arms up directly above you weights in hand. As you begin to extend both legs together, also reach the arms up and overhead to create a long line from fingertips to toes. Using your core to help you bring both the arms and legs back in until the knees are at 90˚ and the arms are back above you. If as you extend the legs your spine lifts from the mat, take your legs slightly higher to prevent back pain.

Repeat 10 times


Tricep extension

Start on all fours, ensuring your knees are under your hips, hands are under your shoulders, and you have a nice flat back. Extend one leg out behind until its straight and lift the opposite arm with the weight so the your elbow is touching your ribs. Keeping the elbow still push the weight back towards your hip squeezing your tricep, while also keeping the extended leg still and your back flat. Slowly bring the weight down before extending again.

Repeat 10 on one side before swapping legs and arms


Clam variation

Lying on your side balanced on your hip with your underneath arm extended under your head. Bring your knees forward till your heels are in line with your glutes and shoulders. Hold the weight on your top thigh using your top arm. Lift both feet together off the floor until they are above your knees and then keeping the weight in place begin to open your top leg as wide as you can. Slowly lower the knees back together with control, keeping the feet high.

Repeat 10 times

Leg raises with pulse

Staying lying on one hip with arms extended under head, straighten both legs until the body is in a straight line from toes to fingertips. Using the top arm to balance the weight on your thigh, slowly lift the top leg away from the bottom leg and then lower with control, keeping a small gap between the feet.

Repeat this action 10 times before pulsing for 10

Leg circles

Staying lying on one hip with arms extended under head, straighten both legs until the body is in a straight line from toes to fingertips. Using the top arm to balance the weight on your thigh slowly separate the top leg from the bottom leg slightly and begin to draw circles in the air with the ankle.

Repeat 8 circles clockwise 8 circles anticlockwise

Then roll over onto the other hip and repeat from clam variation onwards

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