What is Performance Spin? In simple terms, it is an interval-based spin class using power zones for training. The concept of training with power for indoor cycling may seem intimidating or confusing. However, power-based training provides an objective measure of fitness progress and is a valuable training tool that can be carried over to your other gym classes or training sessions.

Performance Spin is not just for cyclists, it is for anyone who wants to improve their cardiovascular fitness, a class to complement their other gym programs, or a low impact, high-intensity class.

The class also provides a great workout engaging the main leg muscle groups for cycling. It also activates your entire core to stabilize your trunk, improving form.




Based on your Functional Threshold Power, each week we carry out structured interval sets to improve your fitness, power, and cycling dynamics.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is defined as the highest average power a rider can sustain for one hour at a steady rate measured in watts.




= Force

(Resistance or Gears)

X Velocity



A full Functional Threshold test will take 60 minutes. However, 95% of a 20-minute average test correlates closely with a 60-minute test. So, we start each Performance Spin training block with a 20-minute time trial to baseline your FTP and the results allow you to calculate and train in various power zones.

And everyone’s FTP is different! So, during the training blocks, you will be working at your individual intensities.

At the end of the training block, we repeat the FTP test to demonstrate the performance gains and re-baseline your power zones.

If you miss the FTP “test” you can still join the sessions. Just as with other spin classes, we will call out suggested gears and what the perceived exertion should feel like. If you want to do a time trial before the next one is planned, we can tell you how to do it on your own, or we can schedule some time to do it with you.




Join Carl for Performance Spin every Thursday at 6.45pm…book now via FitSense!