There is so much more to progress than the number you see on the scales. So many people determine their success on losing weight and lbs going down on the scales, but actually there are so many more things we can take as positives as a result of exercise and eating healthy. If you focus solely on your weight you may feel disheartened if you have worked really hard and fail to see the drop in weight you’d like, even though you are progressing in many different ways. By having non-scale goals you’ll see your progressions more quickly and can celebrate each and every little victory on your way to success.



More energy, better mood & improved sleep

Noticing an increase in energy can mean you can do more, feel more alert and generally feel more positive. Who wouldn’t want more energy?! An increase in exercise can improve your sleep which in turn can help reduce stress and increase immune system function.

Sleep will not only determine your starting outlook in the morning but is vital for recovery and getting enough rest can really transform your day. Improved concentration and attention will allow you to focus on all aspects of your life and improve your brain function.


Inches lost & clothes fit better

Changing shape and losing inches are ultimately the goals when wanting to ‘lose weight’. Even if the pounds don’t drop off, you are able to shrink your waistline or reduce fat through exercise and make your clothes fit better or even drop a dress size.

By taking measurements you have something visual to go by. Looking at the tape measure and seeing the cms or inches that you’ve lost can really give you a sense of achievement. This is what people on the outside see first, so be prepared to take a compliment or two!


More reps & increased endurance

Exercise can build your strength and endurance, so by increasing weights used, increased reps and being able to do an exercise longer we see the body has changed for the better in its strength and ability to perform an exercise. By pushing yourself a little each session you’ll find yourself closer to your overall goals. Improving strength is proven to increase bone density and helps joints stay flexible, so you’ll see plenty of health benefits too.



Noticing progress in a variety of forms can empower you to celebrate every little victory, appreciate you are doing a great job and take control of your thoughts that progress is only made on the scales. When you feel good you are more likely to take care of your mind and body. Taking the pleasure and satisfaction from what you are achieving, no matter how big or small, means you can feel secure in your own skin.


Goal setting

When setting your goals ask yourself what is really important to you? Is it being able to keep up with your little one? Do you want to feel better with more energy? Would you like to be able to be stronger? And does the number on the scale really determine your happiness?


Focus on celebrating these non-scale victories to help you reach your goals! You might want to drop a dress size, run for 5mins, add 20kg to your deadlift or just feel good about yourself and these can all be done without a scale in sight.