NEW YEAR, NEW GEAR” – Have you seen our new top of the range Technogym lat pulldown machines?

New Cable Lat Pulldown

In addition to our original lat pulldown machine we have now purchased the new and improved model by Technogym at tfd!

This is an extremely versatile option for members as you have the benefit of using a variety of different handle options to help you target those hard to reach areas.


Wide bar: The benefits are vast but this is the go to option for those of you who want to learn a pull up! This option is a lot more challenging as the arms are limited. Here you will activate the back muscles more than other options which can be desirable.

Rope: An under utilised option. If you want to build a strong grip and forearms then this is a great option to add to the routines.

Neutral grip/ Narrow: If you want to activate the arms more and lift some heavier weight the narrow grip pull down is for you.

MAG: This is another option if you want to avoid using the grip strength. Often the grip fails before the rest so if you want to fatigue the back fully taking the grip out of it can be beneficial.


New Plate Loaded “PURE PULLDOWN”

The name says it all! This new addition to TFD is one smooth feeling piece of equipment!

The main benefit of this unilateral pulldown is to help us create balance with our left and right sides equally. There is no cheating the movement or overpowering with your stronger side!

The trajectory of the handles provides a natural arc of motion and increased range of movement than with previous models.

Don’t be intimidated by the size the leverage makes this a great option for many of you. Give it a try next time you are at the gym or grab one of our team to give you a quick demo!


See tfd’s Ash below demonstrating a the new plate loaded lat pulldown… If you would like any help using either of the new lat pulldowns or with workout ideas, don’t hesitate to grab one of our instructors or book in an appointment to see one of them!


by Sean – Level 3 Personal Trainer