Taking the pressure off losing weight

Aug 16, 2017 | Motivation

Taking the pressure off losing weight.

Ever feel stuck in that cycle of wanting to lose weight and just feel better?

I’ve often asked myself, how can it be so hard when I desperately want to change my body shape and image so much. I used to keep trying the same old things; cut out certain foods, exercise like mad and diet at the same time, skip meals, feel so hungry after exercise and head for the carbs!

Now, things are different, because I do things differently.

The first step must be a simple one. One that you can do easily without any fuss at all….don’t even start thinking about the second step until you’ve done the first 😉

Tip: Make a pact with yourself that you will do your best. You will take one day at a time to find the pace your head and body can work together. Part of you may feel up for it, another may feel tired. Help each part out & get them working together.

Another Tip: Agree and commit to doing something different for as long as it lasts to start with. As short as one morning, afternoon or even a day or a week. You choose and know you can be flexible too. If you like it, it’s possible you might like to carry on dong it!

Ideas for stage one habit changes:
If you currently drink no water, set your target to drink one glass of water a day. Perhaps even agree when would be easier for you to do this. Meal times, when you’re making dinner, when the kids get home from school and have their snack…when you put on your favourite tv programme…YOUR CHOICE. Set your goal within easy reach then just try and build on that each day if you can. Don’t like water? Add some lime cordial, slice of lemon…try green tea instead.

Missing breakfast? Have something, anything!
It doesn’t have to be porridge or all bran just something small that you can stomach and that’s easy to whip up.
Protein makes a great breakfast and will keep you fuller for longer. If you are on restricted time try using your smoothie maker with coconut milk (delicious by the way) with a small banana, berries or other soft fruit. If you feel adventurous, chuck a small handful of baby spinach in or half an avocado for a super food breakfast smoothie.

Go for a walk. That’s it. No pressure of distance, speed or time. If you’re a bit fitter and can handle more then try a walk, jog.

When you’ve nailed step one, start step two, three and four by repeating but up the anti each time just a little. And remember no pressure!

Lisa Auchinvole – tfd gym owner and founder of LifeZone Coaching