How do you know the right foods to eat?

Really, there is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ foods to eat, and what’s best will be different for everyone.

However, when deciding what the best thing for you to eat in any given situation, there are a few different approaches to take.


Consider your goals –

If your current goal is losing weight, then you want to choose foods which make you feel full.

So this may mean that when deciding what carbohydrate source to have with your dinner you would choose potato rather than pasta, as you will feel more full in the hours to come, meaning it will better support your goal than something which makes you more likely to eat again sooner.

Even though you might like one food option more than the others, when you start choosing food in the mindset of supporting your goals, you will be able to make much better decisions.


Consider how it makes you feel –

Another thing to consider when choosing the right thing to eat is how that food will make you feel.

Not while you’re eating, but later on after you’ve finished eating.

Something very sugary could give you energy for a short while, and then give you a big crash leaving you feeling tired.

Something very salty could leave you feeling dehydrated and sluggish the next morning, which isn’t desirable for anybody working out in the morning.

The list goes on.

So, when deciding what to eat, think about how that choice will make you feel in an hours’ time, 3 hours’ time, and the next day.

This will help you to make food choices which improve your mood and energy, while supporting your goals also.

Eating in this way will also greatly increase your awareness around the effect different foods have on you. When you aren’t thinking in this way, it is difficult to associate a bad mood and low energy with dinner from last night. However, when you put two and two together, it tends to unlock a puzzle.


Consider your previous decisions –

The last thing to consider when making food decisions is what your previous decisions have looked like.

Have you made a worse food choice in the last few days? Then maybe it’s a good idea to stick to a better choice this time.

However, if you’ve made perfect choices for the last 3 weeks straight, then it may be the time to go for something which is a little less optimal while still staying on track.

We are striving for improvement, not perfection.


This was just one of the questions covered in our last “Let’s Talk: Nutrition” talk. Our next talk with Ash will be held on Friday 28th February 7.00-8.00pm at tfd. Members can book this now via the FitSense app.