A quick re-arrange in your fridge could help you lose those extra pounds.

Outside fridge door:

Create a pause point. Write a sign to ask yourself “Are you really hungry?” or a motivational quote to remind yourself to be good. Alternatively, a photo of the item of clothing you want to fit into as your goal. Anything to make you pause and think “Do I need food right now?”


Cram it with healthy conveniences. Make dinner preparations easy by filling your freezer with individually wrapped fish/chicken fillets and bags of frozen veg. This will mean when you delve in the freezer looking for a quick meal, you always have a healthier option to ready meals.

“Because today is another chance to get it right.”

Top shelf:

You are most likely to take the first item you see than anything else, so stock the top shelf in the fridge with low-calorie drinks: skimmed milk, fruit/veggie juices and a water jug. Staying hydrated naturally curbs your appetite & low-calorie drinks/water reduce calories from your diet.

Second shelf:

Pile this shelf with fresh produce. Place a bowl of them in this area so they are prominent when you open the fridge draw. Keeping them in view and within reach can help you eat more of them daily. Pre-cut & washed vegetables are great for extra convenience when you are in a rush.

“What you eat in private, you wear in public.”


As they are located lower than eye level, use the draws to store calorie and fat filled deserts! Although the draws are designed for fresh produce, your sweet items won’t taste any worse if you store them in here, hidden away.

Inside door:

Fill with an array of hot sauces, spicy mustards, salsa, marinades and tangy dressings. Flavourful foods makes a stronger impression, leading to feeling more satisfied.

“When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.”

For a chat about your nutrition or to help implement some of these top tips into your day to day life you can book a consultation with one of the gym team as part of your membership – just ask at reception.