What is Kinesis?

Kinesis involves cable movements which allow for total freedom of movement. The cable system is designed in a way that allow users to make use of the natural movement patterns of the body. Resistance in the form of pin loaded weights is added to these movements in a way that pushes the body to work harder and be able to make fitness gains in a controlled, coordinated manner.

At TFD the Kinesis cables we have are split into 4 stations. Each station has its own characteristics that challenge your body in different ways while maintaining the all-important “freedom of movement” feel.


Why is “Freedom of movement” important?

The Kinesis cables use an innovative double-jointed system which is what sets apart Kinesis cables from the classic cable machines you may see in most other gyms.

The vast freedom of movement it allows for means that it challenges your body in a more functional way then traditional weights would. This not only is new and interesting to your body, but also reduces strain on joints in the body. This makes Kinesis great for rehabilitation and recovery as the easily adjusted resistance also makes it easy to accustom for all different levels of strength and fitness.


Who can do Kinesis?

ANYONE can do Kinesis. As mentioned earlier the freedom of movement and reduced strain makes Kinesis great for older people who may suffer from joint pain, that for example tradition weight lifting and running would bring about. Kinesis is also great for younger people as it encourages a person to take time to appreciate the movements they’re doing, which will help them think about what muscles they’re working and how they’re challenging their body.

Most importantly Kinesis improves a person’s functionality in everyday life greatly. The range of movement it allows for, and the way it targets muscles from different angles makes Kinesis great for replicating movements that a person will experience on a daily basis.


What Kinesis classes do TFD offer?

TFD offers 3 different classes which all challenge the body in their own ways:

  1. Kinesis Core
  2. Kinesis Tone
  3. HIIT 30


Kinesis Core:

Kinesis core works to challenge the “Core” of the body. The core can be thought of as the mid-section of the body and includes: abs, oblique’s and lower back. This class is great for people who want to improve their posture, tone up their abs and improve their balance. The class is very relaxed while still being very challenging for the body.


Kinesis Tone:

Kinesis tone works the whole body. Using the freely movable cables and suitable resistance it promotes muscular gains to occur in a way that is pain free for the joints and different compared to traditional free weight lifting.


HIIT 30:

This type of class is a high intensity fat burner class which makes use of aspects of interval training to challenge the body in the most natural way possible, using natural movement patterns. The class combines both cardio vascular fitness as well as muscular endurance to work the body in a new and interesting way that its most likely to have never experienced before, using both bodyweight exercises and the Kinesis cables.


Why not book in to give it a try? Members can book 7 days in advance at reception or via the Fitsense app. Non-members are welcome at £8.40 per class and can book 2 days in advance at reception.


Blog by Alfie Griggs – Level 2 Fitness Instructor