Try 3 x 10 of each exercise for a full body workout!

Alpha: Rows

After setting your weight on both stacks, stand facing the wall.  Hold one cable in each hand and pull them away from the wall to find tension.  Stand with feet shoulder width apart or a split stance for good stability. Engage your core, roll your shoulders back and slide your shoulder blades down your back.  Keep your arms close to your sides throughout.  Start with your elbows in line with your body, draw your arms back squeezing your shoulder blades together, then allow your arms to move in front of your body whilst controlling the tension in the cables, then repeat.

Beta: Military Press (aka Shoulder/Overhead Press)

After setting your weight on both stacks, stand with your back to the wall and squat down to grasp both handles with an overhand grip.  Engage your core to come to standing pulling the cables up with a twist so that you start with the cables at shoulder height, palms facing in, elbows down.  From here, press both arms up extending them without locking your elbows.  Return the cables to the start position and repeat.

Gamma: Arm Extensions

After setting your weight on both stacks, stand with your back to the wall, feet shoulder width apart and place your hands on the cable handles with your palms facing your body.  Stand tall and engage your core, then draw the cables down so that your arms are straight (but not locked out) with your palms facing your thighs. Control the cables back to the starting position and repeat.

Delta: Mat Crunches

Set your weight on one stack and place a mat on the floor.  Sit on the mat with your feet towards the pad, then engage your core to pick up the pad.  Bend your knees so they are at 90 degrees over your hips and secure the pad at your knees.  Using your core muscles, bring your body down to lie on the mat.  Next, place your hands behind your head and allow them to take the weight of your head, with your chin off your chest, eye gaze to the ceiling and core muscles engaged, crunch up towards your knees and control back to the floor.  Repeat.


Let us know how you find it and tag us on social media in your sweaty selfies!