Try 3 x 10 of each exercise for a full body workout!

Alpha: Palloff Press

After setting your weight on one stack, stand side on to the wall.  Hold one cable in both hands and pull it away from the wall to find tension.  Stand with feet shoulder width apart, engage your core and slowly start to push the cable away from then pull towards your body whilst using your core to stop the cable pulling you back towards the wall.  Repeat for 3 sets then perform 3 sets facing the opposite way to target both sets of oblique abdominal muscles.

Beta: Mat Crunches

Set your weight on one stack and place a mat on the floor.  Lie with your head towards the station’s feet. Bend your knees, place your feet on the mat then reach above your head to hold the pad. Engage your core and pull the pad over your head to the start position – at your chest – then crunch up with your chin off your chest and your eye gaze to the ceiling pushing the pad towards your feet.  Use your abs to control yourself back to the mat. Repeat.

Gamma: Tricep Pushdowns

Set your weight on one stack.  Stand with feet shoulder width apart and engage your core.  Place both hands with an overhand grip on one cable grip and push your hands down to your hips straightening the arms.  Pin your elbows into your sides then control the pad slowly back up to your collar bone, concentrate on engaging the triceps, then repeat.

Delta: Glute Kickbacks

Set your weight on one stack.  Stand side on to the wall, step inside the cable and place the pad behind one ankle with the other foot on the rest. Place the hand closest to the wall on the upright bar. Keep the knee on your supporting leg soft and relax your foot.  Stand tall and engage your core.  Flex your foot and push your leg backwards into the heel whilst squeezing your glutes, control back to the starting point without releasing the tension on the cable and repeat.  Keep your upper body still and your core engaged.  Repeat on the other leg.


Let us know how you find it and tag us on social media in your sweaty selfies!