Clean and Press:

Starting with the kettlebell in between your legs clean the kettlebell up in a straight line as close to the body as possible trying not to bang the wrist. As the kettlebell rises to chest height take the arm around the kettlebell and hold in the rack position before pressing directly overhead trying not to allow the weight to drive forwards or backwards. Keep the core braced and stand tall before reversing the moves to get back to the starting position.

Bent Over Row:

Holding two kettlebells with a front grip, align them with your thighs, bending your knees slightly, then push back with your hips and hinge forward until your torso is positioned between 45-90 degrees. Starting with your arms fully extended lift the kettlebell directly upwards until your elbows pass your body. Hold this position for a second before lowering the kettlebell back to the starting position.


Begin standing with good posture. Shoulders should relax and position over the hips. Hold the kettlebell in front of the body grasping the horns (the handle should face down and ball of the kettlebell faces up). Begin by circling to the right, carry the kettlebell around the head not letting it drop as you do so. Finish by bringing it back to the starting position and once you have gone round so many times one way, change direction.


Starting with your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart. Grip the kettlebell with your right hand over your head, your right palm should face forward. Extend the left arm in front of your left thigh with the palm facing forward. Hinge at the hips to lower the upper body down to the left side. Your left hand will stay facing forward while it slides down near the front of your left leg towards your foot. Making sure you keep that right arm fully extended the whole time. Once in that finish position reverse the movement, lifting the body while keeping a strong straight spine and keeping that weight elevated over the right shoulder. Repeat on the other side.


Standing with your feet shoulder width apart and a kettlebell in front of you. Bend your knees and grasp the kettlebell with two hands remembering to engage your core. Allow your arms to swing the kettlebell to chest height with your arms outstretched. Squeeze your glutes and snap your hips at the top of the movement.  Let the kettlebell fall back down pushing you hips back and slightly bending your knees. As soon as your hands touch the inside of your thighs swing the kettlebell back up. Remember this one is about swinging the weight using a hip movement and not trying to lift it using your arms.

Blog by Kim Sevier – Personal Trainer