What is the kettlebell windmill?

Kettlebell windmills are a highly effective movement working multiple joints and muscles, including glutes, hips, shoulders, hamstrings, traps, obliques and quads. Windmills will improve overall joint mobility and increase hip and hamstring mobility. This exercise will strengthen from the inside by conditioning small stabilizing muscles. It is considered a more advanced move but there are ways in which to build up the progress.

How to perform?

Start by trying the movement with no weights. Have feet positioned outside the hips and toes turned at 45 degrees, extend the outside arm above the head and keep your focus on that hand. The other hand is going to slide down the inside of the inner leg with the palm facing out. You may need to bend the inner knee to start with but as you progress look to keep it as straight as possible. As the hand lowers. You will push the outside hip away. Once at the bottom, engage the core and slowly and controlled bring yourself back upright.


Once you have mastered the movement, hold a kettlebell in the outside hand, keeping the hand straight. Once this needs progressing, you will have a kettlebell in each hand. You could try dumbbells to start with.

Blog by Anthea Champion – Personal Trainer (Champion Fitness)