Kettlebell training is a very popular training method due to you being able to target an all over body workout with ease and there’s the bonus of only needing one piece of equipment. You will find yourself doing a range of dynamic movements from slow and controlled right up to fully explosive.

It incorporates all aspects of training including strength, cardio and flexibility. Multiple muscle groups that you use in day to day life will be worked so you really will feel the benefit of a full body workout.

The shape of a kettlebell is designed to distribute the weight unevenly so your body and core need to work harder to stabilise itself which is fantastic for progressing your core strength, balance and also co-ordination.

Kettlebell training is a fun and extremely versatile way to workout and can incorporate a wide range of movements to target a full body workout. It is also compact and extremely portable as you only need one piece of equipment for this workout!

If you would like to give a Kettlebells class a go why not book in at reception or via the FitSense app? Members can book 7 days in advance and non-members are welcome and can book 2 days in advance for £8.40 per class.

Our classes run on Tuesdays at 7.30pm and Wednesdays at 6.00pm with Alex.