The kettlebell swing is a fantastic movement to train your posterior chain and build your power.


So what exactly is your posterior chain I hear you ask?

This simply means the muscles down the back of your body – so think hamstrings, glutes, calves, lats, rotator cuffs, rear delts, erector spinae. These muscles are key for your power production, posture and are crucial to help you avoid injury.

Today’s lifestyle consisting of a lot of sitting around and even exercises such as walking, running, boxing and yoga all demand a strong anterior chain (muscles down the front of your body), and while this is very important too, don’t get me wrong, the posterior chain must be equally as strong to help us avoid injury and to stay fit and healthy.


What is a kettlebell swing?

Essentially a kettlebell swing is a pendulum movement taking the kettlebell back through your legs and then in front of you anywhere between eye height and overhead.




What are the benefits of a kettlebell swing?

Kettlebell swings are a brilliant movement that required minimal space and equipment. You will be strengthening your core, glutes, hamstrings, quads, back, delts and arms, with the added bonus of improving your grip strength – what’s not to love about all that?!


How do you perform a kettlebell swing?

  • Start with your feet hip width apart and the kettlebell on the floor between them.
  • Take hold of the kettlebell with both hands, then keeping your knees soft and hinging your hips back take the kettlebell back through your legs to create momentum.
  • Maintaining a straight back, drive your hips forwards and squeeze your glutes, allowing the momentum to take the kettlebell in front of you to approximately eye height. At the highest point your arms should be relaxed and the kettlebell light in your hands.
  • Allow the kettlebell to swing back down between your legs and repeat.
  • Focus on the power for the swing coming from your posterior chain, primarily hamstring and glutes.


Variation ideas…

The kettlebell swing can be performed with one hand on the kettlebell at a time for a variation once you have mastered it two handed!

The American Swing is where you would perform the kettlebell swing as above, however take the kettlebell up overhead instead of just to eye height.




Give it a try and let us know how you get on! Grab one of the team to check your form…


ALSO…join Calum for Kettlebells every Monday at 7.15pm for a combination of explosive swinging movements as well as traditional squat and press techniques for a full body workout!