Featuring: revolutionary, re-designed Keiser Bike Pedal with magnetic eddy current system providing infinite levels of resistance options and a smooth ride. Bluetooth wireless technology enabling the instructor to keep an eye on how each person is doing during class. Simpler seat adjustment pull-pin and four-way adjustable seat for your comfort.


Seat, handlebar & pedal adjustment guide:

Seat/Handlebar height adjustment knob

  1. Loosen the knob by turning it anti clockwise ¼ to ½ a turn
  2. Pull the knob outward and hold with one hand
  3. With the other hand, slide the seat up or down to the right height
  4. Release the knob to lock in place
  5. Turn the know clockwise to secure the seat


Seat depth adjustment L handle

  1. Loosen the L handle by turning clockwise
  2. Slide seat forward/backward
  3. Tighten the L handle by turning it anti clockwise


Pedal cage strap adjustment

  1. Place the widest part of your foot over the pedal
  2. Pull the pedal strap up to tighten pedal cage
  3. After workout, push down the buckle to release pedal strap tension


There are posters around the spin studio and gym with the new information on, however if you have any questions regarding the new bikes or would like help with your bike setup, please ask one of the team!