Along with our new mezzanine space built during lockdown, we have created specific “workout zones” for you to use as part of your gym routine.

The idea of these are that you can workout in your own space and away from other members either individually or with a friend. Each “zone” has its own equipment (with more on the way) that is so versatile meaning your workout options are endless!

From rowers and bikes, to bands, steps and kettlebells, you can create circuits in your own space to avoid venturing round the entire gym if you wish.

To use these zones you just need to be booked onto the gym floor as usual using your FitSense app and then help yourself – there are multiple zones so availability won’t be a problem.

Our instructors have created some workouts that can be done using these zones so if you are stuck and looking for inspiration then ask one of the team and we will be more than happy to put you through your paces!

Let us know what you think…