STEP is an easy to follow class that promises to be lots of fun. From basic steps that are perfect for beginners or those who haven’t been for years, to choreography progressions for the more experienced participants who wish to be more creative. Expect sets of choreographed manoeuvres to energetic music which are designed to challenge your heart and lungs also.

It involves a series of stepping up, over and around a small platform incorporating a range of direction and movement patterns. Step is a great cardiovascular workout that guarantees to raise your heart rate and breathing, burn plenty of calories, along with using your brain too!

It is an excellent way to strengthen your leg muscles and aid weight loss. In stepping up and down you will work your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Staying balanced whilst performing the single leg movements will strengthen your core. You will also improve your balance, agility and coordination.

Our Dynamic Step class is with TFD’s new instructor Noemi on Thursday evenings so why not book in and give it a go…