Why choose swimming?

Swimming is a very good way of increasing your fitness and for overall toning. It is a relaxing form of exercise that many people enjoy and is an excellent way to exercise during pregnancy. People widely use swimming as a way of rehabilitation following injuries or illness due to its non-weight bearing nature, which is extremely advantageous when exercise can be otherwise limited.


So what is the difference between normal swimming and our endless pool?

In our endless pool you have your own space to swim in – there is no worrying about where others are swimming or turning at the end of every length you do. You are in full control of the flow speed to determine how fast you are swimming and this makes it easier for you to maintain your stroke rate and pace. In turn this will help you to regulate your speed and build up your stamina.


How do you go about using our endless pool?

Members will be shown how to operate the pool at their induction and can then book the pool at reception, over the phone or via email. Non-members can only use the pool when accompanied by a member at the cost of £10 per session. When you book the pool it is for your sole use or with a friend (no swimming with strangers!)