Our Core Conditioning classes have three aspects to them: the BOSU, the FITBALL and FLOOR ABS. The combination of these ensure that your core is worked and strengthened to enable you to progress.



The bosu is primarily used for balance training where you need to engage and strengthen your core. It also adds the stability element that forces your muscles and nerves to co-ordinate in unstable conditions which is very similar to what you would experience in day to day life, as well as improving your reflexes. The bosu can also be used for strength training as well as stretching and aiding rehabilitation. You can do a wide range of exercises on the bosu to work the entire body. The domed side is primarily used for aerobic exercises and drills, whereas the flat side is what you will use for your balance training.



The fitball is a brilliant tool to use that will help improve your core strength and endurance, balance, coordination and spinal stabilisation. You can use a fitball for training in many ways that will aid body awareness and posture. The difficulty of the exercises can vary and even benefit people suffering with back pain by strengthening the back and abdominal muscles. From gentle movements working on posture to aerobic exercise routines, the fitball is a great way to work on improving your core.


Floor Abs

Core exercises involve working muscles in your abdomen, lower back, pelvis and hips and will lead to better balance and stability in everyday life. There is such a vast number of different exercises you can do on the mat to work your core, from crunches to planks to twists and so much more! One benefit of these is that you don’t need any equipment and can achieve the desired goal using just your body weight.


Core Conditioning classes at tfd are on:

Monday 6.45-7.15pm with Jo

Tuesday 6.45-7.15pm with Ash

Wednesday 9.00-9.30am with Jo

Wednesday 6.00-6.30pm with Blake

COMING SOON… Sunday 10.30-11.00am with Ash

Why not give it a try? Members can book 7 days in advance via the FitSense app or at reception. Non-members are welcome and can book 2 days in advance for £8.40 per class.