WHAT…is Contemporary Dance?

Contemporary is one of the most popular genres of dance and is seen, practiced and performed around the world.

Although Contemporary is a mixture of more traditional styles such as Ballet and Jazz, there is a focus on allowing for more fluidity, natural body positions and shapes, use of the breath, as well as floor work. Contemporary is performed barefoot – which was a oddity in itself when first seen.

WHO…do we thank?

There were key pioneers that led the creation and evolution of Contemporary during the early to mid 1900s. Including the reputable Merce Cunningham, the renowned Martha Graham and Isadora Duncan.

WHERE…was it born?

Depending on which pioneer you research, there are different birth places of certain styles of Contemporary. Pioneer including Merce Cunningham and Martha Graham were prominent in the US, however artists such as Isadora Duncan and Rudolf Laban were active in Europe. And today, it is still most commonly seen in the U.S and Europe.

WHEN…was it first seen?

This dance style was introduced during the 20th century – therefore relatively young compared with other forms such as Ballet or African People dances, hence the name!

WHY…was it created?

There came a time when artists began to unleash their inner creativity, and move away from the more rigid dance styles and sequences.

Contemporary is often used in theatre productions, music videos, and adverts. This is due to the style being emotive, and used for storytelling.

So…what will this class include?

In our Contemporary classes each week we focus on building technique and form through exercises, then expressing and showcasing movements through a dance routine.

Exercises help build muscle strength and improve posture, co-ordination and flexibility. Whilst the dance routine implements the movements and positions learnt, and gives you the ability to perform in your own unique way.

Join Pip on Tuesdays at 7.15pm to give it a go!