Eating your favourite foods doesn’t always have to mean being unhealthy. You can enjoy a healthy version of everyone’s favourite takeaway with a very simple homemade recipe.


Egg fried rice

  • Scramble egg in wok
  • Add cooked rice and mix through
  • Add peas & spring onion
  • Add light & dark soy sauce
  • Add Chinese 5 spice


Chow Mein

  • Cook noodles according to packet info
  • Add veg – mushrooms, peppers etc (optional)
  • Add meat – chicken, beef etc (optional)
  • Add dark soy sauce
  • (optional packet mix of black bean sauce or oyster sauce works well too)


Chinese Chicken

  • Marinade chicken with Chinese 5 spice and garlic granules



Give it a try and tag us in your photos on social media to let us know what you think!