Breath and relax workshop

Whether it’s meditation, a yoga practice or following our parent’s advice to “take ten deep breaths” most of us know, or at least suspect, that there is some link or something to do with (deep) breathing and being calm.

The link between the breath, the mind and the body is actually very well documented and a scientifically proven one. Put into the most simple terms we can say that the mind follows the breath and that there is also a direct link between physical and mental tension and stress. Therefore if  we can steady, calm and regulate our breath then we will steady, calm and regulate our mind, and when the mind is calm and relaxed then the body can become calm and relaxed.

So we can see that the mind, body and breath are intertwined and by practicing some simple deep breathing exercises we can induce calmness, and for purposes of the Breathe and Relax Workshop session it is enough to know and understand this basic premise.

The workshop, exercises and practices are suitable for everyone, apart from those suffering from a migraine on the day or anyone with respiratory issues. Anyone who attends will feel some benefit, even if only to completely disconnect from the outside world and all their responsibilities and allow themselves an hour to relax and be calm, quiet, still and undisturbed. Any of those who have a busy mind, who desperately need some time out or who feel any kind of stress, anxiety or tension of any description will really benefit. (The most demanding aspects are to sit straight and be quiet and still, as they are skills that we don’t often practice!)

Some of the noted benefits of deep breathing include…

  • a calm(er), clear(er) and more focused mind
  • release of tension, stress and anxiety – be it physical, mental or emotional
  • a general feeling of peace and wellbeing
  • reduced blood pressure and improved circulation


Breath and relax workshop at tfd


In a Breathe and Relax Workshop we will systematically progress to a deep state of relaxation through the mediums of some gentle limbering, (deep) breathing exercises and then a full body relaxation. Limbering is very gentle movement of the body parts to release any dormant energy in the joints and also serves as a nice way to start to focus and quiet the mind and come into ourselves. We all know how to breathe but we will be practicing some breathing exercises in a focused and controlled manner and breathing only through the nose.

Once we are done with breath work we are all going to lie down and go on a guided journey around our body and using only our awareness we will systematically relax the whole body, then be left in silence for a few minutes before we finish the session.

Feel free to bring your own mat and a block to sit on if you would like to but don’t worry if you haven’t, tfd have got plenty. It’s a good idea to wear warm loose fitting comfortable clothes and to make sure that (if you bring it with you) your phone is switched off and you have no commitment to rush off to after the session. It is also good to arrive a little early to allow yourself some minutes to settle in.Jim, instructor at Breath and relax workshop

I look forward to seeing you at the next one – keep an eye out for dates,