Vi-Box is a fitness class that includes punch and knee strike combinations, cardio fitness, agility, strength, group interaction and fun. You won’t believe how much you can sweat in this class and still enjoy yourself!

You may already know Eloise from her Vibe Cycle class on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm and she is now bringing this brand new VI-BOX class to TFD on Wednesday evenings straight after this from 7.15-8.00pm.

You will find yourself participating in a variety of partner-based pad work and boxing drills as well as bodyweight conditioning exercises focusing on your fitness and strength, choreographed to some great music beats! There is no need to bring a partner along as you will be paired up within the group for any partner work.

Test your punching ability and coordination in this calorie burning class that is guaranteed to leave you sweaty and feeling like you’ve had a great workout!

Members can book now at reception or via the FitSense app. Non-members welcome at £7 per class.