The Bosu crunch is a variation of the standard crunch adding in the Bosu balance trainer.

BOSU is an acronym for BOth Sides Utilised because you can use it both flat side up as well as the dome side up. They are a very versatile piece of equipment, and we use them in every Core class here at tfd alongside the more standard fitball and bodyweight exercises.

Performing a crunch using a Bosu will not only keep your lower back supported throughout the movement but it enhances the element of stability whilst performing this move. You will be stretching your core further back across the Bosu at the bottom part of the movement than you would just laying on a mat, then engaging your core to pull you back up from this position, as well as having the stability aspect of being on the dome shaped softer surface instead of flat on the floor.

How to do a Bosu crunch…

  • Start with the Bosu flat side on the floor and dome side up
  • Sit on the edge of the Bosu with your feet on the floor hip width apart (you can move them closer together to increase the intensity of the stability further as it gives you a narrower base at the bottom)
  • Take either fingers to temples, cradle your head or keep your hands on your thighs – personal preference here
  • Slowly control yourself to lay back over the Bosu until you feel a stretch through your core
  • Keep the tension – adding a pause here will increase the difficulty
  • Engage your core and pull yourself back up to almost your starting position (not quite as high so you maintain the tension in your core)
  • Then control it back down to repeat – not forgetting the tension in the core throughout!
  • Repeat for desired reps or time

To give the Bosu a try you can book onto one of our Core classes with Jo on Mondays at 5.45pm and Wednesdays at 9.00am, or book in with one of our trainers to find out more about how you can utilise these in your training!