There are many benefits to group exercise and group training…

Exercising in a group environment can not only be challenging, but a lot more fun than just working out on your own. You may also find that the people in the classes have similar goals and likes so it is a great social environment and a chance to meet new, like minded people. Working out in an environment where everyone else is exercising towards the same goal and having the encouragement of an instructor to guide you through the class can greatly improve your motivation.

Group exercise training can cater to a variety of fitness goals, if you are looking to lose weight then aerobic type classes such as Bootcamp, TBW , Body Pump, Circuit Training, Cardio HIIT and Indoor Cycling are for you. Flexibility goals can be achieved in classes such as yoga and Pilates and if you’re just looking for general fitness then you can try a varied combination of the many classes that we have on offer here at TFD.

For most, it is thought a common reason to quit a gym or exercise program is boredom or lack of understanding of what to do to start seeing actual results. Classes can offer this structure, support and motivation system that attending the gym alone cannot. Furthermore, group exercise is formatted in a way that means a class should cater to all, there should be relevant adaptations and progressions offered by instructors which allow classes to act as a stepping stone into exercise for some, whilst a week in week out physical training session for others.


Check out our latest class schedule for the variety of classes we have to offer 7 days a week. Why not try a new class to mix up your workout and add in some extra motivation?

Members can book classes 7 days in advance and can book via the FitSense app or at reception. Non-members are welcome at £8.40 per class and can book 2 days in advance.



Blake Latimer – tfd instructor