Check out Alfie’s favourite pancake recipe – very simple to make and extremely healthy!

Top Tip: Instead of using flour and baking soda to make your beloved pancakes, try using bananas. Using a banana will significantly reduce the number of calories you will be eating, and you will gain all the nutritional benefits of eating a banana.

What you will need…..

  • Bananas
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Protein Powder (Optional)
  • Oatmeal (Optional)
  • Berries of any sort (Optional)
  • Fry Light oil
  • Honey



  1. Prepare a medium sized, non-stick pan on a hob with the heat on about halfway
  2. For every 1 banana, you will need 2 eggs
  3. Break apart banana with hands into the bowl
  4. Using a fork try to break apart the banana into a thick liquid
  5. Add the 2 eggs
  6. Using an electric whisk or the fork whisk together the egg and banana until a thinner liquid is formed
  7. Add a dash of milk and whisk in

Optional: Add a flavoured protein powder in and/or oatmeal

  1. Spray an even covering of fry light oil onto pan
  2. Pour a small amount of pancake mix onto pan and move pan around to get even covering
  3. Using a rubber spatula, turn pancake over
  4. Repeat, then stack pancakes on plate. Add honey

Optional: Add berries while cooking to have them hot or add them on top at the end.



  • This will make around 3 pancakes
  • Don’t add too much milk as it will thin out the mixture too much
  • Experiment and see which way you have your pancakes!


Enjoy and let us know what you think!