Slow and focused moves derived from yoga and tai chi, providing strength and flexibility to the core.

Pilates improves back and abdominal strength as well as posture, core stability and tone. Great for toning, staying mobile and improving flexibility.

Fitness level:  All abilities

Duration: 45 minutes

Good for: Flexibility, strength, toning

Pilates instructors



Gym & Class Instructor




Personal Trainer & Class Instructor


Class schedule

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How to book

Classes are free to members or you can pay as you go for £8.40 per class. Download the app to book.

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Fitness classes are free for members.

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Cancellation, late & no-show policy:

  • Should you arrive after the class start time, we may reallocate the space
  • We politely request a minimum of 2hrs notice to cancel a class
  • A charge of £8.40 per class will be payable for non-attendance

If you are a tfd gym member, you can easily manage class bookings using the FitSense App.  It's so easy and means you can book and cancel classes any time.

You can also book your classes by calling us on 01235 772995

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