The Walking Lunge is a great exercise to work your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps helping to work towards that fab BUTT you’ve always wanted.

By walking when you are lunging it makes the move much more dynamic which in turn can make it slightly less boring however, you can do static lunges for the same outcome.

When you are first starting out it’s important to get the positioning right of the lunge, you should begin standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Then step one-foot forwards, flexing the knee to drop your hips, you should aim to lower your back leg until your back knee nearly touches the floor (don’t let it touch though). Then pushing through your heel on your front foot and extend both knees to stand back up again bringing your foot back to its original position. You would then repeat this movement on the opposite side. Throughout the move your posture should stay upright and your front knee inline with your front foot.

Once you have the hang of the lunges stationary you can then begin to walk while repeating the movement, once you have become sufficient with this movement and want to add a challenge start holding some weights in your hands while on the move. When adding in weights make sure to keep yourself balanced and your chest upright. Once you have completed a few sets of these you should start to feel the burn!