NLP lifecoaching

Qualifications & Experience

  • Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach
  • Professional Member of the Association of Coaching (AC)
  • Professional Member of Association of NLP (ANLP)
  • Regularly practicing one to one and group coaching
  • Over 15 years experience supporting people in health & wellbeing

Initial session 1.5hrs £90
Single 1hr session £75
Three session bundle £210



How NLP Life Coaching can help you

Sometimes our lives seem to become difficult and we feel stuck in a situation, unable to see or find a way out.  It can be hard to imagine that there are other options and possibilities to help get us unstuck, however, when we discover there are, it feels like a cloud being lifted.

NLP Life Coaching can have a positive impact at the time of coaching, however, the most powerful change happens when you acknowledge its purpose and simply trust yourself to move forward one step at a time.

We allow many things to influence us.  These may include expectations from ourselves and others, beliefs from past experiences and burdens we carry for other people.  These can all cause us to lose perspective and even feel we have no purpose any more.

One to one coaching sessions are normally 2-4 weeks apart to give you the opportunity to notice changes in your behaviour, thoughts & feelings. You will always be in control of how many sessions you have as the coaching is all about achieving the positive outcome you want.

Are you feeling stuck in your own thoughts?  Have you lost sight of what you want?  Do you feel stressed when you have to make a difficult decision?  Do you feel invisible or unheard?

If you could, would you choose to get out of the rut, see new possibilities, feel confident & noticed and be in control of your life?

Take the first step to making change happen and email us today.



Master NLP Practitioner and Business & Personal Life Coach
Lisa A