COVID-19 Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

How We Are Keeping You Safe with COVID-19

Whilst co-existing with COVID-19, we are taking all reasonable measures to be COVID secure and have developed amended ways of working based on advice and guidance provided by the Government and industry bodies.  We also keep up to date with new guidance as it is released and update the measures we have in place if required.

Since re-opening after lockdown we’ve made several changes that you’ll see when you return.  Therefore, we’ve produced a revised assessment of risks and have put new measures in place.

Our Objective

The primary objective for tfd health and fitness is the health, safety and well-being of our staff and customers.

Our approach to achieving our objective has been driven by conducting Risk Assessments of our premises and adapting the way that we do things.  These cover new measures which are all specific to COVID-19 and range from how customers access and exit the building, how they move around once inside and the numbers that we permit inside at any one time.

Similarly, they cover new arrangements specific to staff, ranging from the application of first aid through to new cleaning regimes. In this way we can make the best reasonable efforts to address the risks of COVID-19.

We have introduced comprehensive social distancing measures to keep everyone safe, these include:

  • The way members access the club has changed.
    • Members must book in advance for a specific session or class.
    • A booking system which manages the number of members who can access the building at any one time.
    • Using a non-contact forehead thermometer, our staff will check the temperature of everyone entering the building. This includes other staff and contractors.
    • Members must scan their membership card or QR code at the entrance to register their visit.
    • Before proceeding past reception, everyone is asked to sanitise their hands using the sanitiser provided.
    • Arrows guide members through the building where necessary.
  • Clear ‘Keep your distance’ information signs and floor markers asking members to maintain a safe distance from other customer, staff & colleagues.
  • Protective screens at reception.
  • Our staff may look different, members will see them wearing different equipment known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This may include gloves, masks and visors.
  • We have introduced a comprehensive COVID-19 training programme for all our staff teams. We have reorganised the way they work and strict social distancing applies to staff members.
  • Our equipment has been repositioned so that everyone has their “safe space”.
  • We have limited both the number of customers in the club at any one time and we have limited the numbers in each class.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided at convenient & well-signposted points throughout the building.
  • Sanitiser is also provided for customers to wipe down equipment prior to and after use.
  • We ask members and staff not to visit our premises if they have symptoms of COVID -19, however mild.
  • We will support the NHS test and trace programme by providing details of staff and customer visits if requested.

Our promise to our members and staff is that we will always put their health & safety first.